Windows Mobile Users Hit By "2016" Date Bug

Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform has reportedly been hit by a bug that apparently shows messages received after 01 January 2010 with the date shifted to 2016.

In what initially appeared to be a prank, a number of users of Windows Mobile, versions 6.1 and 6.5 powered devices, have been getting messages that are reportedly coming from the year 2016.

While the bug has by and large affected mobile phones boasting Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system, some non-Windows Mobile handsets have also reportedly been plagued with the issue.

Reports are floating that LG and HTC are already familiar with this issue, but the companies are yet to make any announcements related to it.

Some users are of the opinion that the issue has indeed stemmed out of the fact that ‘010110’ is the binary number for 16, but a majority of incidences have been pointing towards the presence of some bug.

In addition, while most of the networks seem to have been affected by this peculiar technical glitch, users of T-Mobile network are apparently immune from the snag. This further confirms the possibility that the issue could even be related to some technical problems in the carriers’ networks.

Our Comments

Just a nice little bug, nothing more extreme. Let's hope that this is not the prelude to something even more sinister, some kind of reenactment of the sinister Millennium Y2K bug which "cost" the economy tens of billions of dollars.

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