British Fugitive Banned From Facebook

Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch, the convict who escaped from Hollesley Bay prison near Suffolk in England, instead of keeping a low profile, had started taunting the police via his Facebook profile in an attempt to draw media limelight.

The bold move succeeded in getting him fan following of over 40,000 people on the social networking website, who praised his police bashing status updates. Moreover, some of his fans even designed t-shirts and composed songs to honour him.

Sentenced for ‘aggravated robbery’, the fugitive had his Facebook profile banned by the social networking giant, which since then, is working with the police to find out his whereabouts.

However, now it seems that the escapee is back on Facebook with a new profile under the nom de plume, Maximus Justice with ‘Guess who’s back?’ as his status message.

The convict, who continues to elude the authorities, has given a detailed account of how he celebrated New Year by watching the London fireworks display ‘surrounded by thousands of incompetent pigs’, referring to the policemen deployed at the fireworks display.

Mr Lynch has managed to garner a fan following of 162 Facebook users who continue to support his cause, however, there are some who had earlier sent him hate mails and had criticised his fans for supporting a felon.

Our Comments

Interestingly, Lynch has claimed that he has a video of him asking the policemen at the fireworks show for directions and has promised to "get this show back on the road." Obviously we do not condone his behaviour and we hope that he will be caught soon.

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