Flixster Snaps Rotten Tomatoes From News Corp

Flixster, the social movie website, has acquired the popular movie review service, Rotten Tomatoes, which was previously owned by the IGN division of News Corp.

Flixster is a user generated movie review site which allows its users to share movie ratings, discover new ones and interact with people with similar movie tastes. It also comes as an application avatar that is available for iPhone, Android, and Palm platforms.

On the other hand, Rotten Tomatoes, which was started as a ‘spare time’ project by its creator Senh Duong, was acquired by IGN entertainment in June 2004 which was in turn acquired by News Corp in September 2005.

The website, Rotten Tomatoes, is dedicated to providing reviews, information and news of films to its visitors. It also provides movie reviews from authors that are certified members of various writing guilds or film critic associations.

Although Flixster already incorporates Rotten Tomatoes reviews on its website, now it will be interesting to see how Flixster will further attempt to integrate its user written movie reviews with Rotten Tomatoes critic reviews to benefit its user base.

Even though Flixster is yet to disclose the financial details of the acquisition, it has been revealed that in exchange for Rotten Tomatoes, News Corp. will get a minority stake in Flixster, which even offers a popular Facebook app called ‘Movies’.

Our Comments

Rottentomatoes is highly regarded and is considered by some as being an alternative way of looking at movie ratings. It is one of the first instances where a social networking website actually buys a traditional website that produces content.

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