Marvell Shows Off The 'Alex' Android-Based E-Reader @ CES 2010

Just a day before Barnes and Noble launched its Nook e-reader, a heretofore unheard of company called Spring Design sent out a mass-mail press release which showed its own dual-screen, Android-based e-reader called "Alex."

Like clockwork, the company filed suit against Barnes & Noble, claiming that the Nook copied its features, but without actually showing off a real product of its own.

Technology firm Marvell had the Alex on hand among other burgeoning e-reader products at CES Unveiled tonight. We got to see it in action and can vouch that it is real, it does work, and it does look an awful lot like the nook.

(ed: notice that that the e-reader is showing two pictures of the Lenovo website. Now it might be a coincidence but we wonder whether Alex is not the name of Lenovo's next e-reader)