Microsoft announces Office 2010 pricing

Software hegemony Microsoft has announced retail pricing for its latest iteration of the Office suite of productivity applications. And it would seem that Microsoft's response to the flood of Open Source alternatives to the Redmond company's virtual stranglehold on the worlds of word processing, spreadsheets and presentations is to bury its overblown and egotistical head in the sand once again.

Taking a queue from Windows 7, MS Office is available in a confusing cornucopia of flavours at wildly different price points.

Office Professional weighs in at a hefty $499 for the full boxed product or $349 for a downloaded version with a product key card. The Home and Business version is $279 or $199, Home and Student is $149 or $119 depending on whether you need the box, and Professional Academic is $99 as a boxed-only product for some reason.

Open Office does everything you've ever done using Microsoft's overpriced and overblown offerings, is absolutley buckshee, and can be downloaded here.