Microsoft Working On Windows 7 SP1

Microsoft Corp. is prepping the first service pack, better known as “SP1”, for its new operating system, Windows 7, according to a report from a prominent Windows blogger.

Rafael Rivera has quoted some registry codes on "Within Windows" that are pointing towards the first service pack for the highly popular operating system.

Incidentally, Microsoft has this tradition of releasing the first service pack around a year after the new iteration of Windows OS is released, but this new report marks a shift in its strategy.

This perhaps owes to the considerable success of Mac OS X, and imminent entry of Google in the OS domain with its new Chrome OS.

The first service pack, which incorporates already-released security fixes along with new bug patches as well as several other new features, could be crucial for the software maker as several corporations won’t comprehensively deploy the OS across its networks until the pack is released.

However, service packs are comparatively rare with Microsoft’s previous iteration Windows XP, as the operating system has only had three service packs since it was released in the year 2001.

Furthermore, even if the report from Rivera is true, it could take months before the final public preview of the SP1 is released.

Our Comments

There's not much to change in Windows 7; unlike Windows Vista, there have been no complaints over any performance issues. Still there has been a few security updates lately for the OS and Microsoft is likely to throw in a few goodies as well to make it even better than the competition.

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