Palm To Launch Paid-For Apps Programme In Europe

Palm has announced that it will be unveiling its European e-commerce developer programme for its signature Palm Pre WebOS application sometime in March this year.

The move indicates that Palm Pre users in the UK, as well as in Ireland, Germany, and Spain, will finally get hold over the paid apps available for their smartphone.

Announcing the move on its official blog, the company noted: “Following the launch of the e-commerce program in the U.S., we are excited to announce that the European e-commerce program is planned to go live in March 2010”.

Purporting the e-commerce developer programme as a big success in the US, the company is hoping that the European users too are waiting for such an online apps catalogue to buy applications for their Palm-based handsets.

The company further cited promotion, speed, and rapid response to customer queries as some of the key ingredients for the success of smartphone apps developers.

Touting their programme as specifically targeting developers’ community, Palm said in a statement: “Our platform gives you greater access to customers and faster cycle times to make higher-quality, compelling applications”.

A spokesperson for Palm UK told that the European developers can now kick off the process of submitting apps for approval by the company, and thereby earn huge benefits when the platform goes live in March.

Our Comments

Palm has around one percent of the global mobile phone market and the problem is that it is not doing enough to keep it abreast of the competition. Pixi and Pre are sadly not enough to stop the likes of Android devices, the iPhone and so many other smartphones.

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