CES 2010 : Popcorn Hour Becomes Popbox, Tries To Take On Roku And Boxee

Syabas Technology scored a minor hit with its Popcorn Hour streaming set top box, but it didn't grab as big of an audience as Roku did with its $99 Netflix streamer, nor did it become quite a geek favorite like Boxee.

So this time around, the company has made its product a bit sleeker, a bit shinier, and given it a name a bit less dorky. In March, the Popbox will make its official debut.

The new set top box includes Netflix 2.0, Revision3, Channels.com, Shoutcast, Photobucket, Weatherbug, Twitter, games from Funspot, and all the expected Networked Media Tank features for streaming content over your home network.

We shot some quick video of the device tonight at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, and should have video up shortly. Stay tuned!