Seesmic Buys Update Service

The creator of the popular Twitter client for desktops and Windows, Seesmic, has acquired, a popular status update service that allows users to update their status on almost 50 social networking sites at once.

Seesmic refused to give details of the financial transaction but has disclosed that founders Adam Duffy and Sean McCullough are joining Seesmic to begin work on the integration of services with that of Seesmic’s.

Loic Le Meur, CEO of Seesmic, said that the company plans to inform the users of both services by the January’s end so that they are able to access the features offered by both the services from one place.

The acquisition will enable Seesmic to become the default application for users who want to “stay in touch with your friends and constantly managing your online social presence.”

Seesmic, which initially started out as a video blogging site, announced on its official blog that “Seesmic users will also be able to update not only with the apps they are used to, but also with's email, sms and chat gateways.”

The company which is backed by Atomico, is popular for its desktop, web and Android applications for the micro-blogging giant Twitter.

Our Comments

Seesmic is quietly becoming a significant player in the social networking arena. It is a service, a helper rather than a rival to social networking websites. It is likely to get bought in 2010 by one of the players out there. Our money is on Google though.

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