CES 2010 : What Happened To The Android Video Chat Phone I Was Expecting?

Saygus has been showing off its Android-based Vphone platform since November, so I was eager to get my hands on it to check out its noted two-way video chat capability. The CEA even gave the company an award for its innovation in low-latency 3G video chat.

Up until now, the company has only shown off the VPhone (or V1) handset, a very bulky, but respectably designed dual-camera slider. The video chat service had not been widely shown in action.

Tonight at CES Unveiled, I picked up the device, hoping to see a demo of video chat in action. Unfortunately, they said it couldn't exactly be done just yet.

Apparently the V1 is still running Android 1.6, and the chat app exists, but they are not actually showing off its famed video chat in action until it is upgraded to 2.0. Review units are expected to be sent out "sometime this month," so maybe it won't be too long.

You can view the video on Youtube here.