3M launches multi digit pokeable screen

3M has unveiled a 22-inch high definition display which takes multi touch technology to a whole new level. The snappily-named M2256PW is capable of recognising up to ten finger touch input with response times of around 15ms.

"Over the past six months software developers from around the world have been working with the 3M multi-touch platform to develop exciting concepts for multi-touch applications,” said Chris Tsourides from 3M.

The Display features a high-definition 1680 x 1050 LCD screen, DVI and VGA video input, audio input, USB and RS232 (serial) dual-mode communication protocol and durable and an anti-glare front surface. Aimed at computer aided design, digital signage, computer gaming, security monitoring systems, education and training, and teleconferencing, the M2256PW will work with Windows 7 without third party touch drivers but Linux and Windows XP/Vista/7 users will need 3M's multi-touch driver and software utility. The company is also promising to supply dev kits to anyone wishing to develop their own drivers.