8 SIM Only Deals From £15 For Google's Nexus One

Following the release of the Google Nexus One phone, which is a SIM Free, unlocked mobile phone available for purchase from the US, we have compiled a list of the best SIM only deals currently available.

One of the best deals currently available is ironically, from O2, the original iPhone distributor. Its Simplicity tariff available from £20 per month comes with 700 minutes, 1400 texts and unlimited web bolt-on. Best of all, it is a 30-day contract (the 12 month version adds 100 additional minutes and 200 more texts) and allows the customers to get discounted fixed broadband prices from O2.

Vodafone proposes a slightly better deal for the same price with 900 minutes and unlimited texts on a 12-month contract. However, it comes only with a quota of 500MB worth of download. Shifting to a 30-day contract gives you 600 rather than 900 minutes.

Orange will appeal to texters with its unlimited text package on the Dolphin 10 which is available with 200 minutes for only £15 with 500MB download quota. Note that this is a 18-month contract.

T-mobile SIM-only package rivals Vodafone and O2 with its Solo 20 available either on a one month contract (with 600 minutes) or a year contract (with 800 minutes), with unlimited texts and free internet.

Meanwhile, 3 Networks offers a rather unique package which includes free Skype, unlimited 3-to-3 calls and Windows Live messenger chat. For £15, prospective customers also get free Internet, free texts and 300 minutes.

Talktalk's has two slightly more intriguing deals. The first one is a straight forward one month deal called SIMpletalker with 400 minutes and 400 texts plus free voicemail and unlimited mobile internet for £15 per month.

Even more interesting is their corresponding two year contract that is packed with 300 minutes, 300 texts and unlimited mobile internet with another mobile phone.

Choosing the Nokia 2330 for example gives you a Nintendo DS Lite console. Even if it is a very long contract, it might be worth it, especially as you get a secondary phone.

Virgin Mobile's Liberty Sim is potentially the worse of the lot with 300 minutes, unlimited texts and unlimited internet for £18 with a 30-day rolling contract. That's £3 more expensive than three.

We published the ultimate mobile UK SIM Only comparison guide with 58 offers on eight networks back in June and since then, things haven't really changed.