Amazon Launches Global Version Of Kindle DX E-reader, the online retail giant behind the best-selling e-reader Kindle, has decided to make the DX version with Global Wireless connectivity, available in over 100 countries outside US at a price tag of $489.

The company has announced that although the booking has started, the device will actually be shipped out from January 19th.

According to Amazon’s website, the company had started shipping the smaller version of the Kindle, which sports a 6-inch display, in October last year with a price tag of $259.

With a new 9.7-inch display and better functionality, Amazon believes that the e-reader will enjoy the same success rate as it earlier offerings did in US markets.

The Seattle, Washington based company has also announced that the product will not be sold in China and a few other markets as of now; however the company said "We want to ship Kindle and Kindle DX everywhere, and we're working on it".

Interestingly, the Kindle DX has also been available in the UK but Amazon's British customers would have to purchase their Kindle device from the company's North American website.

Amazon also announced that it was currently in talks with local publishers in various countries to offer their material on Kindle, which boasts of having over 300,000 books and magazines on its online shopping catalogue.

Our Comments

Amazon has finally released the Kindle DX worldwide. In comparison, Google released the Nexus One smartphone was released to the world from day one itself. The online retailer will need to raise its game if it wants to survive when rivals start shipping their own tablets.

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