Apple Tablet Touchscreen Device To Have 3D Capabilities?

While there is incessant buzz over Apple launching a tablet computer device sometime later this month, a recent patent application uncovered by the Baltimore Sun is pointing towards a system that could create virtual 3D images on the device.

The patent application, which was filed under the name of three Frenchmen namely Thomas Goossens, Fabrice Robinet, and Alexandre Moha, is indicating the use of a new technology that could feature 3D graphics on a range of Apple devices.

The patent, titled as "Touch Screen Device, Method, and Graphical User Interface for Manipulating Three-Dimensional Virtual Objects", portrays a compact electronic device incorporating a touch-screen display which appears to be a 3D layout to the user.

The Baltimore Sun, however, has done some intense investigation to reveal that the patent application actually belonged to Apple.

The news blog cited "According to documents filed with the USPTO, Apple obtained the rights to this patent application from three French citizens. The inventors assigned the patent to Apple on Sept. 29, 2008. It's not clear if those citizens are Apple employees, per se."

It further searched social networking profiles of the individuals, and found that while Moha is working as product and engineering manager at Apple, as mentioned in his LinkedIn profile, Goossens and Robinet are software engineers at Apple, as mentioned in their Twitter and LinkedIn profiles respectively.

Our Comments

A patent being filed doesn't mean that a product will be released that will use it soon. Apple might actually want to use it at a later stage either for practical or financial reasons. It might be too expensive to implement for the time being.

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