Buy The Google Nexus One For £362 Now

You can already buy the Google Nexus for £362 + VAT from here and get it shipped directly from the US to your premises via DHL International.

Note that you will likely pay 17.5 percent VAT or around £63, bumping the total price to £425.

Unlike so many mobile phone manufacturers and consumer electronics vendors, it is refreshing to see that Google hasn't prevented international buyers from getting their mitts on the Nexus One. We've already purchased one and we will proceed to a full on test when we receive it.

Now, once you will get the Nexus, you will have either to get take your SIM from your current mobile phone or take a SIM only contract. The Nexus One is already unlocked and supports GSM technology by default.

You might therefore be interested in having a look at our just published article on the best SIM only deals in the UK.