CES 2010 Live: Netgear To Deliver HD video on 802.11n Soon?

Consumers said quite clearly that they just don't want another "box" hanging outside their PCs. That's why, this year, set-top box (STB) technology is being relocated inside the guts of HDTVs.

Last year, Netgear showed off a device it thought might catch on, an "Internet TV" box. But what it really wants is the part of the action where its technology streams HD content locally within the home.

So this year, we're expecting to hear more about something called "4x4 MIMO Full-11n" (say that three times real fast), which promises to be a more invisible way for Netgear routers to stream full HD content from the Internet (or from other devices) to the STBs built into new HDTVs. Patrick Roanhouse reports live from the scene of Netgear's morning press conference at CES.

UPDATE: For my first Live blog this was a hoot. Netgear had some nice wares to show off. Some of which due to a snafu I didn't post at first. They are as follows:

3G/4G Mobile Broadband Wireless-N Router (MBRN3000)

5-port Home Theater & Gaming Network Switch (GS605AV)

Digital Entertainer Express (EVA9100)

Powerline 200 AV Adapter Kit (XAVB2001)

Powerline 200 AV+ Adapter Kit (XAVB2501)

Stora (MS2110) - Media Raid NAS

Wireless-N 300 Router & DSL Modem (DGN2200)

Wireless-N 300 Router & DSL Modem-Mobile BBnd Ed (DGN2200M)

9:28am PT: Vice President Vivek Pathela closes out the netgear press event

9:28am PT: Vice President Vivek Pathela takes the stage again, talks about the new Stora Media RAID NAS and dual band 802.11 router

9:26am PT: Geiser talks about a hush hush Intel Netgear game changer to be announced at the Intel Keynote

9:24am PT: Geiser shows off the new home powerline network adapter

9:22am PT: Geiser shows off the new Netgear streaming HD features of the new Netgear gigabit and dual band 802.11n media devices

9:20am PT: Product Marketing Manager Chris Geiser takes the stage

9:19am PT: Meyer shows how the Stora Media RAID NAS can be used to upload over the Cloud a picture to a digital picture frame he gave to his 98 year old grandmother

9:17am PT: Netgear Marketing Director Drew Meyer takes the stage and shows off the new Stora Media RAID NAS

9:15am PT: Netgear the heart of the of home communication

9:14am PT: Netgear Vice President Vivek Pathela takes the stage

9:11am PT: Netgear press event starts