Microsoft Unveils Office 2010 Pricing Table

Microsoft Corp, the world’s biggest computer software company, has announced the pricing for its Microsoft Office 2010, which is currently available for user testing.

Microsoft has mentioned that it will offer the Office 2010 suite in four versions, namely - Office Home and Business, Office Professional, Office Home and Student, and Office Professional Academic.

The company also added that those who with a pre-installed version of Office 2010 on their new PCs can purchase a special "keycard", which contains activation code, to upgrade their Office suite.

The Office Home and Student version will be priced at $149 for boxed version and $119 for the product keycard whereas Office Home and Business version will available at $279 for boxed version and $199 for product keycard.

Similarly, Office Professional and Office Professional Academic will be priced at $499 and $99 for their boxed versions respectively. The company also revealed in a blogpost that the Office 2010 beta has seen phenomenal download rates ever since it was launched.

Rachel Bondi, the General Manager for Office productivity suite wrote that "In just seven weeks, more than two million people around the world have downloaded and are using the Office 2010 beta. To get a better appreciation for that number, it’s a rate of more than 40,000 downloads per day."

Our Comments

Why did Microsoft launch an Office 2010 for Professional Academic, we really don't know. One has to hope that Microsoft has carried out enough market research for it to find out that it needs yet another SKU.

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