Nexus One, iPhone, Milestone, Pre, N97 : Total Cost Of Ownership Comparison

Respected website, Billshrink, published an article about the respective costs of owning Google's new Nexus One, Apple's iPhone 3GB 8GB, the Motorola Milestone and the Palm Pre.

One problem is that the article was only for an US-audience and this prompted us to write a similar one for the UK. On top of that we've added the Nokia N97 and looked at the phones both from a pay monthly (where available) and a pay as you go basis.

For PAYG models, we chose Talkmobile's 400 minutes, 400 texts and unlimited internet for £15 per month package as well as Vodafone's SIM only package which offers 900 minutes, unlimited texts and internet for £20 per month.

The slightly unsexy table can be found here.

Comparing PAYG to Pay Monthly contracts is like comparing apples to oranges and choosing a smartphone is a matter of personal choice rather than just relying on hard facts and figures.

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