CES 2010 : Pioneer In-car Multimedia Center Will Leverage iPod, iPhone Platform

At this moment at CES 2010 in Las Vegas, Pioneer is debuting an in-car entertainment platform designed to provide a full-color console and controls to users of Apple's iPods and iPhones.

It's called the "AVH" series, and Pioneer's top-of-the-line model (designed to replace the standard-size electronics consoles featured in some vehicles) is called the P4200DVD. Those latter letters are there for a reason: The system will playback DVD video, evidently using the audio system and layout of the automobile (if there's six speakers, it'll use them).

While the system will play back music from both CDs and DVDs, some AVH models will also be capable of linking up with the user's iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone via built-in Bluetooth. A special control panel enables the driver (or, in situations where the driver is driving, the passenger) to command the iPod or iPhone remotely, with panels that show available albums, artists, and songs.

HD Radio and Sirius/XM Satellite Radio are provided as options. And since AVH would apparently take the place of whatever some drivers may be using as their in-vehicle navigation device, Pioneer adds its own navigation platform to the mix. Availability is slated for March at MSRPs ranging from $450 to $700.