Fabled Apple tablet will snub Intel chips

According the word on The Street, Apple's much-anticipated tablet computer will definitley not have Intel inside.

The device, which many believe will be hit retail in March, will use chips designed and manufactured by PA Semi, a lesser-known chip shop which the Cupertino company acquired two years ago, according to Northeast Securities anal-lister Ashok Kumar.

It's not clear where Mr Kumar gets his info, but he has been bang on the money with Apple hardware predictions many times in the past.

Predictions that Intel's Atom chips would be at the heart of any Apple tablet device seem to have fallen by the wayside as Steve Jobs' notoriously secretive minions beaver away at what everyone in the free world confidently supposes will be the next big step in personal computing.

If this all pans out as predicted, Intel's monopoly on Apple hardware will be in tatters.