HP launches netbook in laptop's clothing

HP has updated its mini netbook series with the HP Mini 210, based on Intel's updated Atom chip.

HP calls it a "compact and lightweight notebook PC" and is boasting of the fact it comes in a range of four colours rather than admitting it's more properly a netbook than a notebook.

What the HP Mini 210 does have is a range of HP software including HP QuickWeb which is claimed to power up the gadget instantly. HP says that "With a flip of the lid", instant messenger, the Internet, Skype, web mail and photos are immediately accessible. Windows can be launched with a click of a button is says here.

HP's CloudDrive, offers virtual storage of up to 100 gigabytes online, while HP QuickSync allows the automatic synch, migration, access and publishing of content between a main PC and the Mini. HP QuickConnect makes all files accessible from the cloud and ensures they are securely stored with automatic back-up and synch.

The HP Mini 210 is available from mid January at a recommended retail price of £280, for de-feature, and £320 for full feature versions.