Microsoft To Join W3C SVG Group

Microsoft has announced that it has applied to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Scalable Vector Graphics working group, fuelling speculations that Internet Explorer might see SVG support being added to it in the near future.

Patrick Dengler, senior program manager for Internet Explorer, confirming the announcement, wrote on the company blog that, "We recognize that vector graphics are an important component of the next generation Web platform. We are committed to participating in the standards process to help ensure a healthy future for the Web."

The news was welcomed by many Internet Explorer fans who, according to the comments posted on Dengler’s blogpost, are expecting the software giant to add SVG support to the popular browser.

Though Microsoft has joined various industry technology groups in the past, it has been often severely criticised for failing to make an ongoing contribution to the workings of these technology groups.

The Scalable Vector Graphics are a major part of HTML 5 which is still in developmental stage and provides a language that describes 2D graphics and graphical applications in XML.

Nor surprisingly, SVG is supported by Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera Browser with Firefox emerging as the biggest potential threat to the market share of Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Our Comments

Let's see whether Microsoft brings something constructive to the party or whether it has applied to join the SVG group simply to minimise criticism. In the past, Microsoft has not been particularly welcoming for technologies that it doesn't or can't control.

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