Microsoft Office 2010 Beta Reaches Two Million Downloads Milestone

Microsoft Corp., has revealed that the software giant's latest productivity suite offering, Office 2010 Beta, has reached almost 2 million downloads within seven weeks after it was launched.

Most analysts believe that Microsoft has been able to carefully harness the long standing reputation of its Office software suite and its focused marketing plan seems to be working rather well.

Also the fact that there is an absence of a suitable alternative available for users in the market, despite the existence of competitors like Open Office, also drives many business users to look at new versions of the Office suite for improving their productivity.

Microsoft Office General Manager, Rachel Bondi, who made the announcement, added that "To get a better appreciation for that number, it’s a rate of more than 40,000 downloads per day. That's approximately twice the number of people who run the Boston Marathon each year, downloading the Office 2010 beta every day!"

In addition to this announcement, the Redmond, California based company also revealed that Office Home and Student version of the productivity suite was the number one selling PC software product in the US during the week of Black Friday in 2009.

Our Comments

Meanwhile, according to, Office Home and Student was one of the top three "Hot Holiday Bestseller" software products in 2009. Not surprising given how cheap the offer is. Microsoft will certainly to sell loads of these as it is fully expected to drop the software giant to drop its price soon.

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