MSI puts SUSE Moblin on a netbook

MSI and Novell have today announced the upcoming availability of SUSE Moblin preloaded on the MSI U135 netbook.

As a result, MSI will become the first OEM to flog a fully-supported Atom-based netbook running Moblin-based technology to consumers.

Sam Chern, director of Global Marketing at MSI, reckons the combination provides "an innovative interface and robust computing capabilities as well as the cost-efficiency that our customers are looking for in these new devices.”

He said the netbook gives customers "nearly" all-day computing capabilities with long battery life and low power consumption built-in.

According to Ram Peddibhotla, Open Source Business Director, at Intel's Software and Services Group, “The Moblin project has the potential to become an accessible and widely used computing platform.

"We have worked closely with Novell in refining the current Moblin version 2.1 for the netbook. We are pleased to see companies like MSI and Novell embracing the technology, contributing to its development and bringing it fully-supported to customers.”

The MSI U135 running SUSE Moblin is on display this week in the MSI booth at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Pricing info is unavailable right now. Two hundred quid should be about right.