Podcast : Using Virtualisation To Consolidate Existing IT Systems & Infrastructures

In this podcast, Mick Walker From IBM & Steve Gold From ITProportal.com will be discussing how virtualisation can assist organisations when it comes to consolidating existing IT systems and infrastructures.

Now, server virtualisation is often held up by most vendors as a paragon of virtue when it comes to cutting costs and simplifying an organisation's IT resources.

But whilst the first virtue is relatively easy to prove on a return on investment-based spreadsheet approach, the second task, that of simplifying an organisation's IT resource, is lot more difficult.

Companies, for example, quickly discover that, whilst they can back up their virtual servers in the same way as they do their physical servers, they may not get the same results.

It's against this backdrop that IBM has developed new systems software for managing virtualised servers, designed to help clients plan, build and maintain their data centres, whilst at the same time reducing their overall costs.

IBM's approach, as an example, is to help clients protect their long- term investments in Power Systems by offering an upgraded path to its next-generation servers that will include POWER7 microprocessors.

The new systems software - IBM Systems Director VMControl - is billed as giving clients a tool to manage heterogeneous virtual servers.

In use, the software allows users to discover, display, monitor and locate virtual resources; create and manage virtual servers; and deploy and manage workloads with a common interface across IBM System z mainframes, System x x86-based servers, BladeCentre , and Power Systems AIX , Linux and i platforms.