UK SMBs To Adopt Cloud Computing En Masse

The efforts from cloud computing vendors to popularise the technology have apparently started paying off, with a latest research claiming that a majority of small and medium-sized businesses are more excited about the adoption of the technology than ever.

A survey of UK SMBs, carried out by a business ISP Easynet Connect, has revealed that SMBs are increasingly inclining towards reaping the benefits of cloud computing in a couple of years down the line.

Around half of the respondents of the survey were already using, or planning to deploy the technology sometime in the next year, up from 22 percent when the survey was conducted 15 months back.

Furthermore, the number of SMBs planning to deploy the technology within the next five years has risen from 47 percent in October 2008, to a notable 73 percent by the end of 2009, the report added.

Commenting upon the results, Chris Stening, MD of Easynet Connect, said "Cloud computing has been on the business radar for some time and our report proves that we are at the tipping point for mass adoption amongst small and medium sized businesses."

However, the report further expressed concerns that the companies aren’t up to the mark in ensuring effectual security measures and improved internet connections required to back this big shift in technology.

Our Comments

These lacunae in the much needed preparatory period could in fact become big impediments while the industry is switching to an entirely new way of working. The adoption of cloud computing may significantly modify the way companies work.

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