UK Video Game Sales Now Reach £1.62 Billion

Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association (ELSP), an organisation established by video software publishers in the UK, has reported that in the year 2009, total video game software sales amounted to £1.621 billion, according to Gfk Chart-Track figures.

According to the press release made by ELSPA, the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 gaming platforms enjoyed an increase in their figure whereas the total revenue for console hardware sales amounted to £1.06 billion.

The Director General of ELSPA, Mark Rawlinson, said that "We cannot forget that 2009 saw the UK economy in the grip of one of the most severe recessions of recent times. It is not surprising that the UK videogames industry has weathered the economic storm so well as games represent great value for money."

The Worcestershire, UK-based organisation reported that Nintendo Wii was ahead of Sony's and Microsoft's gaming platforms in terms of software sales as it sold 18 million software units in 2009.

Sony PlayStation 3 sold 11.9 million gaming consoles in 2009 whereas Microsoft earned the biggest revenue in software sales by raking in £459 million.

On the whole, the total gross amount generated from the sales of all videogames, software, hardware and accessories came out to be £3.311 billion or 114.2 million units sold all-in-all in 2009.

Our Comments

So video games have surpassed movies in this country and 2009 has been a turning point for the industry. Sony's PS3 and the Xbox 360 have both matured last year and they are likely to generate even more sale this year.

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