Apple Gets Audio Clips In iTunes Preview Pages

Apple Inc, the company behind the popular iPhone smartphone, had purchased Lala music service in December 2009 and now it looks as if the company has finally put to use the music service’s technology.

It recently launched web-based version of its iTunes music player by allowing users to listen to a sample of the song that they wish to buy.

Earlier, users wishing to preview a song had to open the iTunes software to do so but now it seems that Apple is bent upon making iTunes less software-oriented by introducing this new sample streaming feature.

Users can preview songs by accessing the iTunes Chart on the iTunes Web preview page and when they approach a track, a play button appears that grants them a 30-second preview of the song.

The iTunes Web preview page, which was quietly rolled out by the iPod maker in November 2009, allowed users who did not have iTunes installed on their desktops to view the details of music album or track they wanted to purchase apart from providing the browser-based preview of TV shows, movies, movie rentals and music videos.

Considering the development rate of iTunes Web, it won’t be long before iTunes users will have their music collection stored online in a cloud.

Our Comments

This could well be the beginning of the end for the software version of iTunes and that's not something that we are going to regret anytime soon. iTunes has grown into an unwieldy, fat piece of software that threatens from time to time to bring down my computer in a puff of smoke.

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