CES 2010 : Dell Introduces 5-Inch Android-based Touchscreen

Austin-based hardware manfacturer Dell has unveiled a new tablet PC which has yet to be named and, we infer, is yet another ARM/Android partnership only muich better and way more lethal.

The launch, at CES 2010, coincided with the showcasing by Intel of its first Moorestown smartphone, the LG GW990.

While the latter looks like an elongated iPhone, the yet to be named Dell Tablet PC appears to be a bigger brother to the RIM Blackberry Storm.

The gadget - which we shall call the Axim tablet - comes with a built-in SIM card, has a 5-inch screen, a gorgeous glossy finish (red and black), a 16:9 screen ratio with an expected resolution of 800x450 pixels.

Dell has also confirmed that it will be launching a number of various screen sizes and form factor. The Android tablet also comes with a five-megapixel camera with two LED flashes (and a front facing camera).

We expect that it will have a number of wireless connections and a docking station because of an unidentified connector on the side of the phone. Also we haven't seen any 3.5-mm socket or any USB socket.

One can also posit from high definition pictures that users will be able to use it as a handset, albeit a rather large one, to make calls.

Our Comments

Dell did not call it a slate on purpose. The device is sexy and further blurs the frontier between mobile phones and Origami-format tablet computers. A 5-inch, frameless (edge to edge) design appears to be the perfect compromise when it comes to size though. We love it!

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