CES 2010 : Ford To Introduce Twitter-Aware Car Range

After revolutionising the car industry over a hundred years ago, Michigan-based Ford Motor Company has caused a stir in the in-car technology market by revealing the next generation version of its Sync entertainment system in-car technology that its designed to perform all the functions expected from a PC and a mobile phone.

Ford CEO Alan Mulally, revealed the upgraded Sync entertainment system at the Consumer Electronic Show currently happening in Las Vegas. Commenting on the system, which will be called Sync MyTouch, he said that "We’re going to bring all the applications you can get on mobile phones today, we'll bring in the car - absolutely hands-free, voice activated, and focused on the road – but you can get access to all your cool stuff."

Sync MyTouch, which was developed jointly with Microsoft Corp, will use a dashboard touch screen that will allow drivers and passengers to perform a host of activities with the help of a wireless internet or 3G connection.

The system, Ford explained, will be touch or voice activated and will be able to synchronise with smartphones like the Apple iPhone. The users will be able to use hundreds of applications that are designed specifically for Sync MyTouch like local search options and satellite navigation.

With this new revolutionary technology, Ford Motor Company hopes to regain its market standing which has significantly shrunk in the past few years.

Our Comments

The problem is that onboard electronics could become a distraction when driving and everyone knows that distractions can be fatal on the road. Let see whether someone would come forward and sue US-based Ford because of that additional "feature".

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