Google To Be Sued By Dick Family Over Nexus One Moniker

Google Inc., the California based search engine giant, recently launched its much awaited smartphone, Nexus One, whose name has been "inspired" from the Nexus series of Androids from the movie Blade Runner based on the sci-fi novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ written by the late Philip K. Dick.

However, the late author's family members have complained that the company never contacted any member of the family or their attorney before using the name for its smartphone offering.

The daughter of Mr. Dick, Isa Dick Hackett, said that "We feel this is a clear infringement of our intellectual-property rights." Isa Hackett is the CEO of Electric Shepherd Productions which is a subsidiary of the Philip K. Dick estate devoted to adapting the author's works.

Hackett also added that the family was on the verge of taking legal action against the company and a legal consultation was underway and said that "Google takes first and then deals with the fallout later."

The movie Blade Runner (1982), which inspired by the late author's novel, revolved around a bounty hunter who chases Androids known as Nexus-6 models, across the universe.

Experts can't help but notice the similarities as Google’s Nexus One is based on the Android operating systems.

Our Comments

This is a schoolboy mistake really. Google should have approached the owners of the name "Nexus One" before using it. Someone, somewhere did not carry out the necessary checks. Interestingly, the domain name is owned by a company based in the Philippines.

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