iFixit Rips Apart Google Nexus One, Uncovers Few Surprises

iFixit staff have ripped apart the brand new Google Nexus One days after it was released to the general public and unearthed a few interesting bits and pieces.

It was apparently much easier to open up and teardown the first smartphone from Google than any of Apple's iPhone, something iFixit said the Cupertino-based company should take heed.

One could say that Google and HTC even expect users to open up and remove the phone's parts. It would certainly make fixing the handset a doddle compared to its rivals, with most items fixed with a normal Philips screw.

Amongs the few tasty bits found are the Broadcom BCM4329 chip which will allow the Nexus One to be compatible with 802.11n WiFi network; there's also a built in FM transmitter onboard, a useful feature that removes the need for any additional accessory if you want to stream music from the device to your in-car sound system for example.

The 5-megapixel digital camera also records movies in MP4 format, something that's quite handy as well while the battery is a 1400mAh LiIon battery.

iFixit also points out that Qualcomm appears to be the biggest winner for the Nexus One with no less than three chips including the Snapdragon 1GHz processor.

Our Comments

Nice job by iFixit; after having identified a niche, they manage to exploit it fully. One might say that Google designed the Nexus One for the geeks, albeit with a much nicer design than the T-Mobile G1.

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