Orange, Barclaycard Roll Out Contactless Credit Card

Orange UK and Barclaycard have come up together with a contactless credit card, named "Orange Credit Card", which would help the users of the network to make contactless mobile payment.

In addition to easing out the way Orange users make payments for the small items they purchase, the new card will also keep the users abreast about their spending habits.

However, this isn’t new to the UK users, as O2 is already running such a service in the guise of O2 Wallet.

Under the new credit card scheme, Orange will send its users their weekly balance, as well as credit limit details. In addition, users can also restrict the usage of their cards online or abroad by sending a text to the company.

That’s not just it, as the users can also place limits on their spending, breaching which they will have their transactions declined. This could be helpful in setting up strict budgets and checking extravaganzas.

Above all, the Orange Credit Card further allows the users to have special access to the tickets to England Rugby, Glastonbury events, as well as significant discounts on various Orange mobile products.

Touting the move, Barclaycard MD Chris Wood said "We are seeing demand from both retailers and customers for ever more convenient ways to pay and accept payment and believe that mobile and contactless technologies are key to meeting those needs".

Our Comments

Barclaycard had already launched something slightly similar to be used on the tube and called Onepulse and it is currently giving you a whopping 5 percent cashback on your TFL spending till the end of February 2011, which could amount to a maximum of £100.

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