Plastic Logic Que proReader Launches At CES 2010

The market for e-readers, which was largely going untapped until recently, has suddenly started attracting the attention of entrepreneurs with the UK-based Plastic Logic is the latest company to join the bandwagon.

The company has unleashed its highly previewed e-reader device, dubbed as "Que proReader", at the CES in San Francisco on Thursday.

Primarily targeted at the upper executive class, the new reader device from the labs of Plastic Logic comes in conjunction with several renowned newspapers, blogs, and magazines.

The device boasts of 10.7-inch touch screen with a shatterproof plastic display, an 8.5 x 11 inch form factor, and a user-friendly interface that would make it easy for the users to navigate through its features.

The device is just 9mm thick, and weighs just around a pound. The company is claiming Que proReader to be more than simply an "e-reader" device, and pitting it against the widely popular Amazon’s Kindle reader.

Plastic Logic further noted that the device vows to offer "a premium reading experience and access to content anywhere anytime, while simplifying the multi-faceted lifestyle of business professionals –and to literally lighten their workload."

The company will start shipping Que proReader in April 2010, and the device will be available in two versions - namely 4GB model costing around $650, and 8GB model which has a price tag of $800.

Our Comments

Plastic Logic's technology will attract interest from a number of companies out there based on the fact that it is a startup with a very, very promising technology. Its plastic display is not only light and robust but also rugged and glare-free.

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