CES 2010 : XStreamHD Full HD 1080p Satellite Service To Start Soon

We've been waiting for XStreamHD for over two years. 1080p high definition video with full 7.1 Dolby surround didn't sound possible over a satellite connection when we first spoke to the company, and after being in development for eight years, numerous delays and a false start at last year's CES, we lost hope in the company's ability to actually deliver on its promises.

But yesterday, XStreamHD began taking pre-orders for its Fixed Satellite System (FSS) hardware, and promises that it will land in homes on April 30, 2010.

More promises, right? With demo units on the floor streaming at around 80Mbps from the company's live satellite and hardware ready to go, things may finally be ready to roll.

We're sitting down with XStreamHD to talk about everything we hope they'll be delivering this year. (ed: unfortunately for our non-US readers, this great service appear be limited to north America for a foreseeable future).