Acer Aspire notebooks may fizz and melt

Thousands of Chinese-made Acer notebooks are being recalled in the US because of a tendency to melt.

Around 22,000 Acer Aspire-series notebooks have an internal microphone wire under the palm rest that can can short circuit and overheat, according to an alert put out by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The fault poses a potential burn hazard to consumers, the Commission said, and Acer has so far received three reports of computers short circuiting, resulting in slight melting of the external casing.

The recalled notebook computer models are the Acer AS3410, AS3410T, AS3810T, AS3810TG, AS3810TZ and AS3810TZG. Not all units are affected.

US consumers should contact Acer to determine if their unit is included in the recall. The rest of us should be on our guard or panic quietly.