First quad core ARM processor launched

Californian chip shop Marvell today announced what it says is the world's first quad core processor for applications using the ARM instruction set.

Based on the same CPU architecture as the Marvell ARMADA 500 and 600 processor series, Marvell's quad core implementation is said to deliver gigahertz-plus processing per core and is designed for customer-specific products such as mass consumer market and high volume gaming applications.

"Introducing our quad core technology to the world represents a pivotal moment in CPU development for the consumer electronics industry," said Marvell's Weili Dai. "Today's media-rich consumer applications are already pushing the limits. By making quad core capabilities available to our customers we will enable the newest generation of cutting edge devices that consumers will always demand - more horsepower, higher performance, better battery life, and more attractive price points than ever before for mass consumer market adoption."

Marvell has a long history of delivering multicore technology to customers for use in a broad variety of applications ranging from arcade machines, printers, gaming, networking, gateways, all the way up to computing-intensive enterprise applications.