MagicJack Launches Femtocell Based VoIP Device

MagicJack has announced in the Consumer Electronic Show that the company is rolling out an inexpensive device that will allow any GSM phone to make VoIP calls across the US and Canada.

This comes after the company introduce a way for its customers to make VoIP calls from their fixed-line phone. MagicJack said that the product uses femtocell technology, which will allow GSM phones to connect to a PC via broadband connection and make voice over internet protocol calls for free.

The femtocell technology transforms a phone jack with a mini GSM base station, thereby enabling any GSM phone from any carrier to make VoIP calls.

MagicJack founder Dan Borislow said in a statement that the company plans to offer the product at a price tag of USD$40 along with one free year of subscription and an annual fee of $20 when the free subscription expires.

Interestingly, the current VoIP offering from MagicJack is a matchbox-sized device that comes with a phone jack and a USB connection.

The device connects with the users’ computer via USB and installs software onto it, allowing the fixed line phone to make VoIP calls using the PCs broadband connection.

However, experts believe that the idea of GSM handsets making free VoIP calls will surely irk telecom services providers that have paid billions of dollars for licensing radio frequencies.

Our Comments

Magicjack has a disruptive technology at hand, one which could potentially change the way people use their mobile phones. We guess that this product could be coming to the UK in the forthcoming months, perhaps as part of another deal. Maybe Vonage or Skype might be interested in looking into it.

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