Mozilla Unveils Firefox 3.6 RC1 Browser

Mozilla, the foundation behind the immensely popular web browser Firefox, has rolled out the Release Candidate version of Firefox 3.6, indicating that a final version of the RC is in the pipelines.

The official announcement was made on Mozilla’s community blog, which said that "This preview software is available for free download and has been issued as an automatic update to all Firefox 3.6 beta users."

The blog also mentioned that over 75 percent of the thousands of Firefox-based add-ons had been updated by their developers to make them compatible with Firefox 3.6 release candidate.

The blog post also added that the RC "may update itself periodically, and will eventually be exactly the same as the final Firefox 3.6 release itself." According to Mozilla, the new Firefox 3.6 teaser contains a host of new features for both users and developers.

The RC will allow users to change their browser appearance with a single click using Personas and will duly update them about out-of-date add-ons to ensure a safe browsing experience.

Apart from offering full screen display option for native videos, the browser will also provide support for poster frames and WOFF (Web Open Font Format).

Our Comments

Firefox needs to up the ante if it is to survive the onslaught of Chrome, Google's own browser. The Firefox 3.6 browser is based on Gecko 1.9.2 platform and is capable of providing support to new CSS, DOM and HTML 5 web technologies.

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