Mulling About The Google Nexus Two Smartphone

The Nexus One has only been launched a few days ago in the US (not yet in the rest of the world) but we are already looking ahead for the Nexus Two - assuming that Google will stick to the Nexus moniker after the Dick family is going after them.

The first smartphone by the search giant builds on the extensive experience of HTC combined with Google's minimalist approach and no-nonsense to user interface.

From this perspective, it would be quite wrong to say that this is a new device. It is actually the latest in a series of Android-based HTC and therefore one can expect it to be devoid of any major lacking found in first generation items - remember the lack of 3G in the iPhone Circa 2007.

There are already talks of a Nexus Two, something that we believe has already been in the pipeline since last year; there are unfounded rumours that it will be targeting businesses and come with a proper physical keyboard.

The real question is whether it will be sold at the same time as the Nexus One, which would pave the way for families of "Nexuses" rather than, as it is actually done for latest generation smartphones, one handset replacing the other.

As for improvements that can be done to the Nexus One, well, apart from getting multitouch onboard - which Google surprisingly left out, it would be nice to see onboard storage capacity, a better display, particularly in daylight and built-in encryption capabilities.

Our Comments

The rest of the configuration - from the screen size to the onboard camera - appears to be flawless. The phone is fast, capable, comes with built in Google Voice integration and boosts a dynamic noise suppression feature plus a trackball - a gentle nudge towards RIM Blackberry users.

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