No Surprise : Microsoft Re-appeals Against i4i in Word Case

Microsoft, the Redmond based software giant, has filed a petition with the United States Federal Circuit Court of Appeals for a second reviewing of the ruling made against the company on charges of infringement of patents held by Canadian software company i4i.

Last year in December, the Appeals Court had withheld a ruling made by a Texas District Court, according to which Microsoft was asked to pay $300 million to i4i for knowingly using i4i’s patents covering custom XML in Microsoft Word.

Other from that, the company was given a deadline, the 11th of January 2010 - today, for removing the offending code from copies of its popular Word software.

Microsoft’s Director of Public Affairs, Kevin Kutz, said in a statement that the company believes that the Court’s current ruling on the case could become a ‘dangerous precedent’ for future patent infringement rulings.

He went on to add that “The petition details significant conflicts we believe the December 22 decision creates with established precedents governing trial procedure and the determination of damages, and we are concerned that the decision weakens judges' authority to apply appropriate safeguards in patent trials.”

Meanwhile, the company has compiled with the courts order and has released a patch for Microsoft Word that removes the XML code from the software.

Our Comments

As we said, no surprise in Microsoft's stance. It is complying and at the same time trying to buy itself time. It would have been very surprising had Microsoft decided not to do anything. i4i, it seems, is not just another maverick, one of those patent trolls.

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