Phishing trojan hits Android app phones

Online bank First Tech Credit Union has blown the whistle on a malicious Android application which tried to steal account details from its customers.

A warning on the Android Marketplace said "Users of mobile devices with Android software may have noticed several applications available for download in the Android Marketplace. If you see any applications provided by the user Droid09, please do not download these applications. Android applications provided by Droid09 are fraudulent. Please remove any applications by Droid09 from your mobile device and contact your mobile provider to evaluate whether any other applications or information stored on your mobile device have been compromised."

The open nature of the Android operating system and commerce site meant it was almost inevitable that a flood of malicious content would arrive, and many a smug Iphone user is crowing about Apple's superior vetting process and security as we speak.

Some users are calling for a 'safe mode' in the Android Markeplace where users can choose between apps which have been signed by the organisation, and reject those which have not (unless they are keen to descend into a world of pain and anguish, of course).