Rockstar wives up in arms

A group calling themselves the Determined Devoted Wives of Rockstar San Diego employees has written a damning open letter to the company's bosses claiming that overworked coders are becoming suicidal because of illegal working practices.

The letter, posted on Gamasutra, alleges that workers are systematically forced to carry out hours and hours of unpaid overtime, have had benefits withdrawn, and are gradually being dehumanised and turned into machines.

Things are so bad, according to the post, that managers are unable to make eye contact with some of their drones when their paths cross at the San Diego office.

The missive concludes: "If these working conditions stay unchanged in the upcoming weeks, preparation will be made to take legal action against Rockstar San Diego. This is the course that naturally presents itself, as either these conditions were manufactured from unawareness and actions to improve conditions will prove such innocence. Or if no action is seen after this letter, it clear that other aspects are the cause of the deteriorated conditions of Rockstar San Diego employees and must be further addressed. Rest assure, all that is desired is compensation for health, mental, financial, and damages done to families of employees."

A similar uprising by spouses of Electronic Arts employees led to a succesful $15 million class action suit in 2004.