£90 Wharfdedale 500gb Digital Twin tuner PVR

500gb Hard drive, can pause and rewind live TV. Remote control, CI slot. Built in Freeview. Two Scart Sockets. 240 hours of recording onto the hard drive. 7 Day EPG.

Twin Freeview tuners give a wide range of recording and viewing options. One can watch one channel while recording another or even record two channels simultaneously while playing back a previous recording!

Furthermore, the combination of twin tuners and hard drive allows live TV to be paused, rewound and even edited. Twin tuners also allow for picture in picture - perfect for keeping an eye on the football (especially with 6 months setanta free) or lottery results whilst watching another program.

Other useful features include a CI card interface for pay TV services such as top up tv and even a built-in demodulator: so you don't even need to have a TV with SCART socket for the player to work.

Note that this is a Grade A refurbished stock and comes with a 12 months warranty.