Dell To Release Mini 3i Smartphone In the UK

Dell's Android-based Mini 3i is to be launched in the UK soon according to reports that emerged from CES 2010; the 3.5-inch touchscreen smartphone made its official debut at the Las Vegas show during the weekend.

Dell representatives told Tech news outlet Electric Pig that the phone was build with the UK specifically in mind, which is slightly ambivalent given that the phone has already been launched in China through China Mobile.

Does that mean that the 3i will come some UK-only features? The phone itself comes with a number of features that make it a mainstream offer, similar to the soon-to-be-launched HTC Smart.

It has a 3-megapixel camera with AF, a 3.5-inch display (no words as to whether it is resistive or capacitive) with a screen resolution of 640x360 pixels. One can expect it to come with Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi as well - the latter was disabled in China.

The Mini 3i runs on Google's Android platform together with Dell's own customised user interface that's apparently aimed at a younger, possibly hippier audience (ed: with prices suited for that market we guess)

The phone will be available in the US through AT&T and will join the iPhone. In the UK, it is expected to be launched at first on Vodafone's network as Dell has an ongoing partnership with the mobile phone operator in Europe.

Our Comments

So Dell is finally entering the UK mobile phone market on the tip-toes it seems. The Axim range of PDAs was fairly popular and the experience gathered by the Austin-based manufacturer will surely help it become a significant, if not major, player in the market.

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