Drunk-phone is big hit with party goers

News sites might be full of endless reports about the Nexus One and the ever-present iPhone, but a new trend is emerging.

Tesco is reporting that it sold over 10,000 units of its VX1i Party Phone in the two weeks leading up to New Year's Eve and it's becoming clear that some people are buying a second handset to take out on drunken evenings.

If you've ever left your over-priced app phone at home in the fear that the beer monster might steal it when you are on the jolly side of life, for less than twenty quid you can have a practically disposable alternative.

Tesco is, of course, unwiling to back up the theory, claiming instead that people are buying the tiny handset in their droves because they don't make unsightly bulges in today's oh-so-fashionable skinny jeans.

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