Google Nexus One Users Complain About 3G Access

Just a few days after its US launch, Google’s newcomer in the smartphone arena, dubbed as ‘Nexus One’, has reportedly been experiencing difficulties in accessing 3G networks.

The search giant’s support forum has been filled with hundreds of Nexus One users complaining about the sudden dropping of their 3G connections to T-Mobile’s rather sluggish 2G Edge network, according to Dow Jones Newswire.

On top of the issue, several customers have complained that they didn’t exactly know where to go for the customer support: the smartphone maker HTC, the network carrier T-Mobile, or Google.

Citing the same, one user reported: “I cannot get any 3G service as of yet. Don't know what the problem is. T-Mobile and HTC support weren't able to help”.

Early buyers of the handset that many said would be a potential iPhone killer have been dealing with a couple of galling issues including substandard 3G reception and lack of adequate technical support.

Incidentally, the customer support for the handset involves email-only customer service, under which the customers are promised to be reached back within two days after the query was delivered.

As of now, Google’s foray into the hardware development has been under some serious pressure, but going by its mammoth resources and finance, customer support wouldn’t be a problem in the near future.

Our Comments

Now that the honeymoon is over, many will start finding out whether they actually love their Nexus One or whether that was a very bad idea to get one in the first place. Bearing in mind that this is the first physical consumer product launched by Google, the latter is going to learn quite a lot from it.

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