Google Pushes Android 2.1 SDK Out

Only a couple of days after the release of the Nexus One smartphone, Google has announced that the Android 2.1 software development kit is available for developers and mobile phone manufacturers to download.

Google says that it is a "minor" platform release that includes a few API changes and a number of bug fixes. Thise interested can already download the SDK - which includes a fully compliant Android library and system image - from Android's website (link).

Amongst the various improvements, is one can provide information about the device's current network signal. There's also new API's for those looking to develop animated wallpapers up to a screen resolution of 480x854 pixels.

It will be interesting to see whether handsets that carry the newest iteration of the operating system also suffer from the same major networ problem that is currently affecting the Nexus One; there have been numerous reports of handsets dropping from 3G to 2G randomly.

Some might have noticed that Google's first device was the first one to come with Android 2.1 and as of today is the only one with it thereby highlighting the competitive advantage Google has over other Android device manufacturers.

Alongside the new SDK, Google as also released a new USB driver for recent versions of Windows which will provide Nexus One connectivity.

Our Comments

It would have possibly been better if Google had released the Android 2.1 SDK before the release of Google Nexus One. We suspect that Google had been toying with the latest SDK for more than a few weeks before the release of Nexus One. Something that OHA members will surely appreciate.

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