GPS navigation app ported to Nexus one

US firm ALK Technologies has tweaked its CoPilot Live v8 GPS navigation app so that it now runs on Google's Nexus One smartphone.

The softwarewas shown off at CES in Las Vegas and now a UK version is available for download for £26.

CoPilot Live brings full-featured, turn-by-turn GPS navigation to the Google Nexus One smartphone.

Detailed street maps of the UK and Ireland are stored on a memory card in the phone, not downloaded each trip, so drivers don’t need to rely on their mobile network for navigation.

A free location-sharing service called LiveLink makes it easy to allow friends, family or colleagues to view your location in real-time—on an internet map, via Facebook or within CoPilot Live on their own device.

CoPilot Live GPS Navigation is available for the Google Nexus One for £25.99 via the Android Market and via the CoPilot Live online store here.

Google showed off its own voice-activated navigation system running on an as-then un-named phone at an event in London late last year.