IBM Survey Reveals Global Trend In Buyer Sophistication

According to a recent survey conducted by global IT solutions giant IBM, it has been revealed that consumers want their favorite retail stores to have a more interactive and personalised online presence.

Shannon Miller, the business development head for IBM’s Global Business Services, said that "It's a smarter consumer out there today, one who is really willing to engage with the retailer."

IBM released the results of the survey at the National Retail Federation conference taking place in New York and reported an increased demand for online customisation services.

The New Castle, New York, US based company conducted an online survey which queried around 32,000 consumers about how much interactivity they want from the retail outlets they frequently visit.

The consumers involved in the research were spread across technology advanced countries US, United Kingdom, Canada along with developing economies like China, India and Brazil.

The survey revealed that almost 75 percent of the consumers surveyed wanted their mobile phones to inform them where the nearest store of interest is located.

A surprising 68 percent of them wanted to know whether the goods they want to purchase are available at a nearby location or not.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Miller added that “These consumers are instrumented. They have a lot of devices and a lot of ways of accessing the retailers.”

Our Comments

It shouldn't come as a surprise that buyers have more and more evolved buying habits. After all, buyers are investing their time and money in getting the best deals currently available and the IBM report only highlights that they are expecting more and more for their pounds.

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